Province de Guélmim

Limitée au Nord par la région de Souss-Massa-Drâa, au Sud par la région Laâyoune-Boujdour-Sakia El Hamra et la frontière Mauritanienne, à l'Est par la frontière Algérienne, l'Océan Atlantique et la région Laâyoune-Boujdour-Sakia El Hamra à l'Ouest, la région Guelmim Es-Semara s'étend sur une superficie de 133 730 km2 , soit 18,8 1 % de la superficie nationale.

Données sur la province de Tata

La capacité d’accueil des unités touristiques implantées dans la région est actuellement de 2031 lits. La région est doté de 7 campings à Guelmime, Abaynou, Boujerif, Aouinet Ighmane, Tata, Foum Zguide et Ouatia offrant 340 emplacements.

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:: C.R.T. Guelmim-Smara :: 
Président   :   Salama Haoine
Téléphone :   028 87 29 11
Fax           :   028 87 38 12
Adresse     :  Délégation régionale du Tourisme, Résidence du Sahara n°3 Bd. Mohammed VI, Guelmim - Maroc





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The origin of Tan-Tan name, known for its generous ground water, will come from that when we dig a well and that we let down a bucket with a rope, it sounds like “tantan” on contact with water. The built-up area was born in the 1940’s under the Spanish protectorate. The port of TAN-TAN, at 24 km from town, has at disposal all the necessary implementation to receive boats of all kinds. TAN-TAN airport, at 6 km from town, is an essential element pour tourist and economic development.


Traditional morocco-leather tanning, is made by women like in all the southern provinces. This craft allows the making of useful and decorative article : simple or embroidered cushions (assermi), little round cushion (merfeg), travel bags (tassoufra), snuffboxes, key holders…

Jewellery, metal craft remains the most prevailing field in the South. It is the fruit of very old traditions having given birth to a jewellery which gives evidence of the richness and the variety of the province jewels.

Traditional sewing, a special care, skill and patience are the necessay assets to practise this art which grants sparkles and warmth to the most familiar items and products in the area (deraa, jaladour).


G30 At 24 km westward of TAN-TAN (towards Laâyoune), apart from the fishing port, EL OUATIA commune has got wide beaches. Fish restaurants, hotels and guests houses, offers you the possibility of having a nice stay, far enough from the port which constitutes the essential of the economic activity of the area.

G31  At 25 km northward of Tan-Tan (towards Guelmim), the wadi Draâ, one of the most atlantic coast beautiful sites where you will discover not less than 72 birds species.

G32 At 29 km to the North-East (including 7 km by track) Ouin Medkour oasis is located in a col sheltering the nomads cemetery. The site has got two Zaouïas allowing to the saint visitors to stay there. An hundred meters further away the “giant tomb” rises. History or legend : the inhabitants of the area tells, in any case, that durign the 12th century an impressive size men tribes, who could reach 2,50m high would have lived in this very place. Msied, reachable by a 39 km tarred road after Tilemzoune village, county town of the rural commune located at 29 km south-eastward of Tan-Tan is a commune where nomads and cattle farmers make up almost the whole population. The area abunds in fields of mine. At 4 km from Msied, we discover a palm grove next to a mountain called by the name of Sidi Brahim El Atabi, marabout name buried at its crest.

G33 At 29 km northward of Msied, lengthened wadi Jrifia, where numerous trees called “Talh” grow inside. They give to this landscape some savana-like looking. This site numbers also numerous moving thin sand dunes having the characteristic of healing rheumatism, thanks, mainly to its cleanliness and to the dry climes which reigns here. This area, populated by various animal species such as the gazelle and the jackal is called to be a park in the next future.

G34 At 50 km southward of town ( towards Laâyoune), the wadi mouth. The view is beautiful (magnificent beaches, cliffs, thin sand dune), wadi Chbika has the advantage of being on the side of the road and of having a migrating birds natural park such as pink flamingo, great

cormoran, black scoter and the little pinguin. This will allows you to give yourself up to the joy of a photographic safari. To be mentioned also the presence of mammals such as the common hyena, wild cat and jackal.
G35 At 50 km southward of Msied (towards Es-Smara), at Azguerre, there is cave engravings of a great and exceptional prehistoric and proto-historic richness. There is anthropomorth cave paintings discovered in 2001. These discoveries are not yet exploited and can play an important part in the cultural tourism development of the province.
G36 At 78 km (including 4 by track) southward of Tan-Tan, we find Elkhloua grottos. It is a prayer place digged and made-up in the rock.

•Hotels, Inns, Restaurants… Where to go ?

In most cases, these hotels or inns will serve you typical and goodquality food. You will find in all the villages, on the the roadside, excellent tagines (prices to be negotiated).

KSAR TAFNIDILT Guest house 1st category 20 rooms / CR.RASS OUMLIL

SABLES D’OR 2* - 19 rooms – TAN-TAN – Av Hassan II

BIRANZARANE 1* - 32 rooms – TAN-TAN – Av Hassan II

EL MADINA 1* - 16 rooms – TAN-TAN – Av Hassan II



VILLA OCEAN Guest house 2nd category - 3 rooms – TAN-TAN PLAGE